Take care of your hair by knowing how to prevent further damage

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Take care of your hair, by knowing how to prevent further damage. Here are some tips, how to keep your hair healthy, and avoid unnecessary damage..img_1497
~Washing hair every day, might not be the greatest thing for your hair. By doing that you are stripping it of natural oils, that make your hair shiny and healthy looking, the scalp will be producing more oils and become faster greasy. Which brings us to the next point..
~Every day washing can dry out your hair. Most people wash their hair with extreme hot water, that can cause; color to fade, frizz, split ends, less shine, dryness, luck of moisture.. Try to wash with look warm water, or finish it up with cool rinse.
~Few years ago we didn’t care for the ingredients in the ” hair care products”. As long it foams and feels clean, we were fine with it. How do those ingredients effect our hair?
*Sodium Chloride– can cause dry and itchy scalp,and reduce the time of Keratin treatments..
*Sodium Lauryl Sulfate– in long run, can strip essential oils needed for the hair to stay healthy, breaking down protein and halting healthy hair growth, striping the color and drying the hair out.
Polyethelyne Glycol- It can strip hair and skin of natural moisture.
*Parabens– can irritate the skin- which can make your scalp unhealthy- can also affect your hormonal balance, which can result in hair loss.
*Alcohol– can dry your hair and scalp out
*Propylene Glycol– It can irritate the skin, cause allergic reaction.
••This are just few of the ingredients we didn’t know or didn’t care what they are and what they can do, how they effect us. Knowledge is power- decisions to choices is left up to us…
~When we think of balanced diet, we usually don’t think of our hair, but surly it effects it too. To have beautiful hair, your nutrition needs to include plenty of protein, vitamin B, Iron, Omega 3 + additional supplement  vitamins.
~Brushing your hair, is a damage that is created unintentionally on a daily basis. Use wider tooth combs or brushes designed for it. Section your hair, and spray leave in sprays to prevent pulling and breaking of the hair.
~Heat protection product,  is one product that you should use at any time prior to drying your hair. It will protect your hair from the damaged created by heat tools. They can cause severe damage to the hair, if not properly used.
~Tight Hairstyles, by pulling hair back in tight hairstyles, can cause a condition called Traction Alopecia. Causing the hair to thin in the front-back, and around the hairline. causing scalp pain, and breaking strands of hair.
~Chemically Damaged hair, is damage done  by using chemicals. Each time a chemical is used in the hair, some damage will accure, that will effect the result at the end. It is very important, prior to the visits to the salon to keep treating your hair. Making sure its ready to sustain any damage. Sometimes we just say I WANT THIS, by not thinking, and asking our self’s, can our hair really do this. Is it healthy enough, Consequences happen, when we don’t think thoroughly..
*Chlorine, can alter your hair color, and create damage especially to more porous and already damaged hair.
                                                                                                      *Minerals, some of the minerals are found naturally in the ground and some are injected into most water systems as part of the water treatment process. Minerals can do following to the hair: makethe hair dry, weighted down, flaking of the scalp.
*Calcium, can cause breaking hair off, and blocking of further growth.
*Copper, can leave green tint on light hair, and cause dark hair to tint darker, weights hair down, and causes problems in perms, colors, relaxers..
*Iron, can cause hair to tint darker, weight it down, prevents chemicals of processing. Heavy amount of Iron can tint light colored hair orange, and cause dark hair to turn darker with red highlights.
*Magnesium, causes hard water/ like calcium, leaving hair dry and weighted down.. ETC