Ladybug ?- Lice Treatment against the Super Bug.

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img_1134LADYBUG  ?- Lice Treatment against the Super Bug…..


Why not prevent it, before it outbreaks.

Be prepared- be ready- be educated about it. You shouldn’t be ashamed. The latest news  is that the head lice, are not responding to the chemicals used untill now, they are supper bugs now. LADYBUG ? is a new product on the market that has been proven to be safe eliminate the Super LICE.

?  Ladybug ?

*Has a preventative shampoo +conditioner-  the  Lice dont like it, so it prevents it , from you getting them.

*A furniture spray, to kill anything, that might be crawling around ??.

* Treatment- to eliminate the Super Lice should you be having them. ?

Below is more detailed info about ?.

LADYBUG ?Scan0001.pdf ( double click)