Expert Hair Coloring at SJ Hair Studio

At SJ Hair Studio we take special care with hair coloring to make sure you get the result you desire.

Note: For Balayage or Ombré, Sombre, shades eq gloss is charged separately if needed

Hair Coloring • Balayage


Balayage entails a free-hand placement of color so the transition is natural and requires less maintenance. Natural Sunkissed highlights done by painting on the color by hand.


Hair Coloring • Ombré


Ombré creates a soft transition of multiple shades in your hair


Hair Coloring • Ombré-Sombre


Ombré-Brunette and blonde are blurred together to create a beautiful low contrast soft ombre. Sombre-soft the transition so you don’t see where hair colors starts and stops. Very natural tone on tone.


Hair Coloring • Shades EqGloss

Shade EQ Gloss

( Equalizing Conditioning color)

100% Ammonia Free, long lasting, acidic, demi-permanent hair color creates 100% more shine than before coloring. Contains wheat amino acids for healthy, shiny hair color with incredible condition.

Used to Glase- Refresh- Correct- Blend gray hair


Permanent Hair Coloring to remove the gray

Permanent Color

We use Redken Color Fusion to get the best coverage as it is more resistant to gray hair,. Redken Color Fusion  is a modern permanent hair color cream that delivers healthy- looking, multi- dimensional hair color. Colorbound Technology infuses Color fusion’s signature multi- dimensional color with optimum durability, condition, shine etc.


Partial Foil, Partial Foil Plus, and Full Foil

Partial Foil (10-30 foils)

A partial foil creates  both highlights and lowlights covering ¾ of the head


Partial Foil Plus

Application done in the same sections as partial foil, but Partial foil+ is for clients that have thick-allot hair and need more than 30 foils.

$85 and up

Full Foil

Your entire head will be foiled to get the desired result ( highlights and lowlights).

** for Balayage or Ombré, Sombre, shades eq gloss is charged separately if needed**


Hair Coloring • Per Foil

Per Foil (up to 9 foils)

Individual placement

$7 each

Mens Color Camo to get rid of gray

Men’s Color Camo

You can camouflage the gray with a 5 min color


PH Bonder at SJ Hair Studio

PH Bonder

PH Bonder is an add-on to other hair color services. It protects bonds and reduces breakage during technical services and can be intermixed with permanent hair color, shades eq gloss, bleach.

$20 (per color application)

Base Break a SJ Hair Studio

Base Break

Eliminates the harsh looking new regrowth stripe (especially for blondes). Designed for blondes,but can be used for any hair color that needs shifting and softening of that dark roots (lifts up to one step lighter, from where you start). 5-10 min processing. Great to be used between foiling services or right after highlights, it softens the root hair color and the left out hair pieces, to create the perfect result.


Color Correction  By Consultation

Color correction includes not only color services but I also perform pre-treatments and post treatments at the salon during the service time, to ensure leaving the hair in great condition

By consultation ( $100 per hour)